Pilatesmith offers workouts in Group, Private, Duo and Trio Settings. All workouts utilize the Reformer machine, but you can expect to touch another piece of equipment - like the Pilates Chair or TRX Trainer - and for your Trainer to incorporate props in order to further enhance your workout!

All our Trainers follow our unique Pilatesmith Workout Arch to help ensure you get a challenging, dynamic, full body workout with minimal downtime in-between exercises. You’ll get a proper warm up so your body can perform at its best and a warm down with stretching to ease your heart rate back to resting and improve your flexibility. Expect to leave feeling satisfied and invigorated - we call it the “Smith Glow!”

If it’s your first time to Pilatesmith, check out the New Smiths page for more details on what to expect during your first workout. Regardless of experience, we encourage New Smiths to start with a Private Workout or the Apprentice Tempo Group Workout* because they allow us to better introduce you to our style, equipment, and properly welcome you to the studio!

*The Apprentice Tempo workout is an Intermediate level workout and appropriate for those who are at least an intermediate fitness level & have experience using a Pilates reformer machine. If you haven’t done Pilates before or consider yourself a Beginner, Contact Us so we can discuss the best approach for you!


Pilatesmith offers different types workouts so everyone can find what they’re looking for, whether it’s creative flows, controlled burns, or a cardio blast!

You can think about the different types of workouts as different ways to challenge your body: challenge your body with Tempo, Cardio, or Control. While most people have one they love, we encourage you to switch things up at least once a week because your body - and brain! - will reap the benefits of varied muscle stimulation. Our Group Workout room accommodates 8 reformers, so you can expect the energy of a group while still getting attention from your Trainer.

We also offer a Prenatal & Postnatal Workout for all the moms out there who want to stay fit while expanding their family! You can expect a good, full body workout, but modifications are made to make sure you and your baby stay safe!


Privates, Duos, and Trios are perfect for those new to Pilates or the Reformer machine, recovering from injury, are looking for a rehabilitative vs. fitness solution, or simply want more personalized instruction so they can work on specific goals or advance their Pilates practice more quickly!

Your first Workout will start with a short consultation to discuss your body and fitness goals, and then your Trainer will observe you during the workout to identify your strengths and imbalances so they can customize future workouts for you! As you become stronger your workouts will evolve with you so you’re always challenged and never plateau. Along with personalized attention, benefits include access to more equipment, hands-on stretching, and you can make special requests, like focusing on a certain area or Workout fusions like Control + Cardio.

All Privates, Duos, and Trios are scheduled through the studio so just click below to get started!

*Note: For Duos or Trios you bring your workout partner!