Studio Policies

Injuries & Safety. Please share any injuries or pre-existing conditions with your Trainer before your workout starts. And don’t be shy to remind them! We care about each of our Smiths and add notes to your profile, but it never hurts to remind us - especially when we’re first getting to know each other. And remember, we can modify any movement but only you know how your body feels. Workout smart!

Attire & Grip Socks. Wear workout clothes that you are comfortable in, but aren’t too loose on your body. Please don’t wear anything with an exposed zipper as it can rip the upholstery on our equipment. Socks with grip on the bottom are required; this is mostly for your safety, but also for studio hygiene. Any sock brand is fine - you can purchase them online or our studio!

Cancellation Policy & Fees. It is considered a Late Cancel and the workout is forfeited if:

  • Group Workout: You cancel within 12 hours of the workout starting

  • Private/Duo/Trio Workout: You cancel within 24 hours of the workout starting

We want everyone to be able to workout if they want to, so we have No-Show and Late Cancellation Fees. To avoid a No-Show fee, simply cancel yourself out of the workout online, or contact the studio before your workout!

  • Single Workouts or Group 5-Packs: Anyone who doesn’t show up is charged a $20 No-Show Fee

  • Smiths: Anyone who doesn’t show up is charged a $15 No-Show Fee (discounted for Smiths), and anyone on Unlimited Membership who Late Cancels is charged a $10 fee

If you reschedule your Private/Duo/Trio workout within 48 hours of it starting 4x in a 4-week period, the Owner, Jessica, will reach out to discuss the best way to schedule you moving forward. Rescheduling impacts our business and our Trainer's income because it usually results in an open hour left on their schedule. Trainers are paid by the hour so their time is very valuable - we appreciate your understanding and support on this!

Running Late. “10” is the magic number to remember!

  • Group: We close entry to Group Workouts 10 minutes after it starts. We know life can get crazy, but joining late can be disruptive. Plus, a proper warm up is an essential part of our workout and “best practice” to avoid injury!

  • Private/Duo/Trio: If you are more than 10 minutes late for a Private/Duo/Trio and don’t notified the studio, we will assume you are not coming and send the Trainer home. Also please note that if you arrive late, the workout will still end when scheduled.

As soon as you realize you might be running late, please call us at 310-955-9915.

Booking Policy.

  • If there are less than 2 people signed up for a Group Workout 24 hours in advance, the workout can be cancelled; if you are in the workout you will be notified and the workout credit will be returned to you account

  • For Privates/Duos/Trios, we ask you request your appointment at least 24 hours in advance; we will always try to accommodate you if a Trainer is available

  • All Workouts must be paid for prior to booking

  • You can book into a Group Workout up until 15 minutes before it starts

Waitlist Policy. If the Group Workout you want to take is full, signing up for the Waitlist is a great option! Here’s how it works:

  • If someone cancels out of a workout, their spot will be offered to the first Smith who’s on the waitlist

  • That person will be notified via text and email (make sure you’re account settings allow you to receive “Account” notifications)

  • The notification is to let you know that you have been moved, so if you don’t want the spot please respond “No” as soon as possible; if you don’t respond you will stay booked into the workout

  • If you are moved into a workout within the 12-hour Group Late Cancellation window and respond “No,” it will not be considered a Late Cancel

  • The Waitlist closes 30 minutes before a workout starts

  • We accept walk-in’s and will place them into a workout (in the order they arrive) if someone doesn’t show

Scooter & Bike Friendly! If you take a car-alternative method to the studio, be sure to ask for a “Stroll, Scoot or Spin” punch card. If you walk, scoot, or ride your bike to the studio 10 times, you get a FREE Group Workout or pair of socks. To redeem, just present your fully punched card to the front desk. Please park scooters and bikes away from the door so it doesn’t obstruct the entrance. Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for your scooter or bike while you workout.

Prenatal/Postnatal Policy. If you are expecting or just expanded your family, congratulations! We see women at every stage of pregnancy in our Prenatal & Postnatal Group Workouts or in a Private or Duo setting. Please feel free to contact us so we can discuss the best approach for you. You and your baby's safety is our top priority!

  • Once you are 12 or more weeks pregnant, you will need a doctor’s note that says you are cleared for “Reformer Pilates”

  • If you’re interested in a Group Workout, we ask that you book into the Prenatal & Postnatal Workout so that you are your baby stay safe

  • If you’ve just given birth, we look forward to seeing you once you are at least 6 weeks postpartum; you will need a doctor’s that says you are cleared for “Reformer Pilates”

If you’re already a Smith, as soon as you know that you are pregnant please let us know so we can keep you and your baby safe during workouts. Rest assured that your news will be kept 100% confidential and that your Trainer can offer you subtle modifications; we want you to be able to make your exciting announcement on your own terms!

Cell Phone Policy. We kindly ask that you turn your phone to silent and leave it with your personal belongings in a locker or cubby. If you are expecting an important call during your workout, just let your Trainer know and excuse yourself when you’re expecting the call.

Pet Policy. We do not allow pets inside Pilatesmith so please leave your furry friends at home! Pilatesmith allows service animals as defined by the ADA. Please bring valid paperwork and have a safety vest on your dog to signal to others that they are a service animal.

“Scent-Neutral” Studio. Due to allergies and sensitivities to perfumes and colognes, please don’t apply scented sprays or lotions before coming to see us. We also kindly ask that everyone wear deodorant.

Age Requirement. We are happy to see anyone under the age of 18 in a Private/Duo/Trio setting accompanied by a parent (either observing…or as the workout partner)!

Participants Only. For the privacy of our clients and the safety and security of everyone, we ask that only booked clients are in the studio for workouts. If you have children, we kindly ask that you make child care arrangements so you can come sweat with us!

Credit Cards Only. For the safety of our team, we are a cash- and check-free studio! We only accept credit or debit cards.

Return Policy. All sales are final unless otherwise stated. On merchandise, we do not accept returns once the item has been worn or left the studio. We require original tags and packaging to accept a return.

Schedule & Price Changes. Prices, workouts, and Trainers are subject to change without notice. We will always do our best to communicate Trainer substitutions and workout changes via email as soon as possible. The Schedule on our website is always the most up to date.

Pricing & Membership Terms. See our Pricing Terms & Conditions for details on pricing and terms around our Memberships.


What makes Pilatesmith different? Pilatesmith specializes in athletic, full body workouts crafted for women and men who crave a more challenging Pilates experience! Our Group Workout offering is tailored for those who are more advanced in their Pilates practice so 80% of our workouts are Advanced and 20% are Intermediate. We offer 4 different types of workouts that each challenge the body in a different way. Our Private, Duo and Trio Workouts, however, are appropriate for any level and are customized to your body and fitness goals. All of our workouts are designed to challenge your strength and endurance in order to tighten, tone, shape, and lengthen your entire body!

Why should I do Pilates? Pilates is a low-impact exercise method that uses weight resistance to strengthen your whole body. It’s a technical method so most people prefer to start with Privates so they can learn how to use a Reformer machine and proper form in order to get the most out of each workout. The list of positive outcomes from Pilates is (very) long, but our favorites are:

  • Strengthens your powerhouse (abs, low back, pelvic floor, hips, and butt)

  • Helps relieve lower back pain

  • Tones the entire body

  • Improves flexibility, mobility, and alignment

  • Improves posture

  • Weight loss

Do you offer “Classical Pilates”? Our workouts are a mix of Classical and Contemporary exercises so each workout is different and continues to challenge you, but we use traditional Pilates Reformer machines (not Megaformer machines).

How long are workouts? We follow the industry standard and offer 50-minute long workouts. Joseph Pilates taught 40-minute long sessions and said that’s all you should need if you’re doing it right ;)

Do you have introductory offers? Yes! We have special pricing for New Smiths: Group Workout is $15, Private Workout is $50, Duo Workout is $80, and Trio is $90. Everyone can take advantage of one of the Private pricing options (Private/Duo/Trio) and one Group Workout.

I’ve never done Pilates before, which workout is best for me? Great question! Since our Group Workouts start at an intermediate level, we recommend starting with Privates so we can teach you how to use equipment and teach you the method. Pilates is a technical workout so you will greatly benefit from starting at a beginner level, learning the moves, and advancing at your own pace. Contact Us so we can discuss the best approach for you!

I’m injured, which workout is best for me? It really depends on the injury and where you’re at in your recovery. Contact Us so we can discuss the best approach for you! When you arrive, don’t be shy about reminding us of your injury.

I’ve done Pilates for a while, but it’s my first time coming to Pilatesmith. Which workout is best for me? We encourage everyone to start with a Private or our intermediate Group Workout (Apprentice Tempo*) because they are designed to introduce you to our style, equipment, and allow us to properly welcome you to the studio! Once you meet a Trainer, we can chat about where to go from there. Check out our New Smiths page for more detail on what to expect.

Should I sign up for Group Workouts in advance? Yes, it’s the only way to guarantee your spot!

How do I book a Group Workout? You can sign up for workouts directly from our Schedule page or through MindBody.

How do I book a Private/Duo/Trio? We book these through the studio so we can best take care of you! Just fill out a Request Form and we’ll get back to you quickly. Note that you provide your workout partner(s) for Duos/Trios.

How early should I get there? We recommend leaving so you can park and walk through the door at least 5 minutes before your workout starts. This will give you time to check-in, put your grip socks on, and find a reformer. If it’s your first time visiting us, we suggest arriving10 minutes early so we have additional time to make sure you have everything you need and we can show you around the studio.

Are you on ClassPass? We are not. We have have deals for New Smiths so you can find out if Pilatesmith is right for you. We offer competitive Membership pricing and focus on Membership because it helps encourage a routine, fosters the Smith Community, and allows our Trainers to get to know you, your goals, and your body so they can make your experience better.

*Note that the Apprentice Tempo workout is an intermediate level workout and appropriate for someone who’s familiar with the Reformer machine and at an intermediate fitness level. If you have any questions, Contact Us so we can discuss the best approach for you!