These classes are the new standard for total body toning in Pilates. I’ve never been in better shape and I feel challenged each time I go.
— Kunash

Get in shape for your wedding OR VACATION, or jumpstart your new fitness routine with our 30-day bootcamp!

Build your 30-day bootcamp plan with workouts, goal setting, meal planning and detox treatments! When you enroll, you’ll get a FREE recipe book with yummy plant-based recipes to help you feel your best and a FREE Infrared Sauna Treatment to help you burn extra cals, detox, and rejuvenate your skin for the big day!

Details on these options and pricing is below! When you’re ready to buy, you can purchase fight from our Pricing page. And don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!


I had never tried Pilates before and Jessica gave me the best workout of my life. She was attentive to my personal needs and interested and focused on my specific goals as well as pushing me beyond to get the full potential of my training. She adjusted my workout to be exactly as challenging as I needed, and talked me through each and every position, exercise and stance. She seemed just as excited as I am for me to get into the best shape of my life and I fully trust my journey here to take me there. I am a huge fan of Pilates now and already a loyal client of Pilatesmith. I will be coming AT LEAST once a week and look forward to it!
— Lindsay

Each bootcamp is customized to your body and fitness goals! During your 50-minute consultation, you and Jessica, Pilatesmith Studio Owner, will review the Pilatesmith Bootcamp Workbook, discuss your goals, take measurements, and map out your 30-day workout calendar.


Recommend for those who want to get lean and toned

Private Workout Plan (12 Privates)

  • Originally: $1,032

  • Bootcamp Price: $900 (savings of $132)

Duo Workout Plan (12 Duos)

  • Originally: $1,248

  • Bootcamp Price: $1,080 (savings of $168)


Recommended for those with a weight loss goal

Private Workout Plan (20 Privates)

  • Originally: $1,720

  • Bootcamp Price: $1,500 (savings of $220)

Duo Workout Plan (20 Duos)

  • Originally: $2,080

  • Bootcamp Price: $1,800 (savings of $280)

This is the best Pilates studio on the westside. Hands down. Challenging workouts, great service, a beautiful studio with a great vibe.”
— Shamus

Each Plan Includes:

  • Bootcamp Workbook Review + Consultation (50 mins):

    • Goal Identification

    • Workout Calendar Planning

    • Self-Pledge Signing  

    • Meal, Water and Sleep Log

    • Home Exercises

    • Wellness Tips for 2 Weeks Out from Wedding

  • Before & After Measurements

  • One FREE Infrared Sauna Treatment at Alchemie Spa

  • One FREE Plant Based Recipe Book with recipes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner developed by Pilatesmith Trainer Talia Brienza, Founder of Typ A Co.

  • Unlimited Email Communication with Pilatesmith Studio Owner


  • Total payment due upfront

  • Workouts must be used within 30 days of first workout

  • After one week from first workout, workouts can not be refunded

  • All workouts are subject to studio’s Cancellation Policy (24 hours)

  • Trainer will vary based on schedule

  • Results may vary

*For those advanced in their practice, you may request to trade (up to) 4 Privates/Duos for Group Workouts to get a deeper discount. Must be approved by Owner. Ask for details!


Provided By: Alyssa Sparks, Certified Holistic Nutritionist & Founder of Alyssa Sparks Wellness

Original Price: $225

Bootcamp Price: $175 (savings of $50)

As a certified Holistic Nutritionist, Alyssa has a balanced approach to health and fitness. She believes in providing you with knowledge and tools to help support and empower your choices to living a healthy, well-rounded lifestyle. After a 30 minute consultation, Alyssa will share the 30-Day Meal Plan that she developed for the Pilatesmith Bootcamp along with shopping lists, recipes, and tips, and will check in with you via email each week to answer any questions and cheer you on!


  • 30 Minute consultation & paperwork

  • 30-Day meal plan customized for Pilatesmith Bootcamp, includes meals and pre/post workout snacks

  • Shopping list

  • Recipes

  • Meal prep tips

  • Weekly email check-in’s


  • Nutrition Plan developed by Alyssa Sparks, Certified Holistic Nutritionist specifically for and to compliment Pilatesmith Bootcamp Program

  • Pilatesmith facilitates introduction to Alyssa Sparks and all services and coordination is handled exclusively by Alyssa Sparks thereafter

  • Total payment due upfront directly to Alyssa Sparks

*Additional coaching sessions available for $95/hour

**Personalized meal plan available for $75 per week or $250 for the full bootcamp


Provided By: Alchemie Organic Spa

Originally: $161

Bootcamp Discount: $126 (savings of $35)

Infrared Saunas are slowly becoming one of the hottest wellness treatments in LA! The infrared heat heats your skin directly vs. the air around you, creating a more comfortable experience than a standard sauna with even more benefits! The infrared heat penetrates at a deeper cellular level to detoxify the body, increase your heart rate and metabolism (you can burn up to 600 calories!), reduce muscular pain and inflammation, lower blood pressure, and rejuvenate your skin. The infrared sauna treatments are great to do after a Pilates workout (or before a facial or massage)!


  • 5 Infrared Sauna Treatments at Alchemie Spa

  • Complimentary Alkaline water and towels

  • Complimentary access to private shower


  • Pilatesmith facilitates introduction to Alchemie Spa and all services and coordination is handled exclusively by Alchemie Spa thereafter

  • Total payment due upfront directly to Alchemie Spa

*Additional treatment pricing available upon request


Pick your workout plan! If you want the Meal Plan or Infrared Sauna Treatment add-on’s, we’ll help get you set up with our bootcamp partners!

Privates: 3x/Week for 1 Month

Privates: 5x/Week for 1 Month 

Duos: 3x/Week Duo for 1 Month

Duos: 5x/Week Duo for 1 Month 


  1. Purchase your Bootcamp Workout Plan below

  2. Request your add-on’s and 50-Minute Consultation

  3. Read our Studio Policies & FAQ

  4. Pack your grip socks (you can buy them online or at the studio)

  5. Look up where we are & understand your parking options so you know right where to go!

We can’t wait to meet you!


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